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Hi, Im Parham Payam,a FRONT END DEVELOPER ! its been 4 years since i started coding, first I started my journey with HTML, CSS and javaScript, then I studied react.js and next.js, I was working as a freelancer for about 2 years, and after that I felt I needed to be in a company to learn team work and gain some more experience,so I joined improver digital company and then nexprover, i learned so many things for instance:

Tools i use :

Redux, Saga, TypeScript, axios, react-query, hook-form, socket io, yup and ...

My Favorite Ones Are:

styled components, gsap and framer motion

this is me

haze website

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Haze is a clone of an awwwards.com winner website that was wrote in laravel and jquery,i cloned it and wrote it in nextjs with all the transitions and all the animations and functionality,of course the data are fake but you get the idea !

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